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wady i zalety pracy za granicą notatki

pytania z języka angielkiego, wady i zalety pracy za granicą itd

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    Wady i zalety pracy za granicą:
    We can earns a lot o Money,
    Meet a interesting people,
    learn new languages,
    Exploring the Word,
    get to know a new culture
    It is far from the family,
    you need to know languages well

    Private schools ale usually better than state schools? (Prywatne szkoły są lepsze niż państwowe?)

    For me private schools are better because they teach better,
    buildings are newer
    there are fewer people in the class

    For private schools have to pay
    Schools don’t teach children import ant things they need to know to be an adult. (Szkoły nie uczą ważnych rzeczy, które przydają się w dorosłym życiu)
Schools teach us discipline, train us in given fields and prepare us for adult life.
    An attractive Job – what is your view on that? ( Atrakcyjna praca)
In the future I would like to become a policeman because it is a well-paid job, responsible and interesting. An additional advantage is that you only work 25 years in this profession.
    Politicians schould be at least 40 year old – younger pe ople don’t have enought experience for such a responsible Job. (Politycy powinni mieć powyżej 40 lat, młodzi ludzie nie mają doświadczenia dla tak odpowiedzialnej pracy)
When it comes to experience, yes, but young people are very creative and have more imagination, which gives them a lot of opportunities


    Advantages and disadvantages of being an Orly child.( Zalety i wady bycia jedynym dzieckiem)

    All parents' attention is focused only on you,
    Don’t have share things witch your siblings
    problems with getting along with others,
    When there are no siblings, there is no one to play with
    Is marriage as important an nowadays as it used to be? Do Young people still want to Get married?( małżeństwo jest ważne w dzisiejszych czasach? Czy młodzi ludzie ciągle chcą brać ślub ?)
marriage gives a sense of security, stability, is positively perceived in society, especially when children are involved.

    Generation gap/ conflict of generations (Konflikt pokoleń)

Young people have different thinking than older ones, they want to go wild, they do not like rules, they are rebellious

    Healthy diet and keeping fit – what does it mean to you? . Zdrowa dieta i utrzymywanie formy
Going to the gym, eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, doing many sports
    Most effective ways of relaxing (najbardziej efektywne sposoby na relaks)
Volleyball, running, gym, going to the cinema, going out for a beer: D
11.Your idea of a perfect Holiday. Twoje pomysły na idealne wakacje
I would go to Bieszczady with my boyfriend and friends. We would rent small house In the middle of nowhere. We would travelling everyday and spending time together.
    If you could meet Any famous person who would it be and why? Mógłbyś spotkać sławną osobe to kto i dlaczego?
If i would meet ant famous person i would choose Natalia Przybysz. She is so beautifull and smart, i love Her songs so much
13.Is it Ok to Judge others by the way they dress and behave? Czy dobrze oceniać innych przez ich wygląd i zachowanie
No because even if they look Bad insi de they can be realy good people
14. Men and women Cannot under stand each Rother. Kobieta i mężczyzna nie mogą się zrozumieć?
Yes because women are more emotional and men always think that everything is not the fault and put themself on first place

15. Things that make life Worth living? Rzeczy które powodują że warto żyć?
Friends, family, Bestfriends, boy
16. Who do you Admie most, and why? Kto ma na Ciebie największy wpływ i dlaczego?
My friends and my boyfriend because i hard that 5 people whit who you spend the most time create your charakter.

17. Would you like to be famous? Why/why not? What would you like to be famous for? (Czy chciałabyś być sławna? Czemu/ Czemu nie? Za co chciałabyś być sławna?
I wouldnt like to be famuse because i like my life the way it is and i wont to have a qui et live.
18. Mass-media are used to manipulate pe ople. (mass media są używane do manipulacji ludźmi)
Such mass media manipulate people often given information is untrue and contrary to the truth and people believe it,

Shopping/ technology:
19. Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.(Wady i zalety kupowania przez Internet)
it's cheaper,
bigger choice,
we do not have to leave the house
we can not touch the purchased item,
we can not try on the clothes purchased online,
we are not sure that the item will not be damaged during shipment
20. The more we have the more unhappy we are( Im więcej mamy tym bardziej jesteśmy nieszczęśliwi)
This is a wrong statement because if we did not have these things then we would be more unhappy
21. To much Money is spent on wrong things In socjety(zbyt dużo pieniędzy jest wydawane na złe rzeczy w społeczeństwie
Yes, it's true that people are wasting food and children in Africa are starving
22. Big cities are the Best places for Young pe ople to live. ( Duże miasta są najlepsze do zycia dla młodych ludzi)
because they have more opportunities to grow and meet more people
23. Nowaday Christmas and Easter are Only commercial holidays ( Dzisiejsze święta bozego narodzenia są traktowane jako święta kontrowersyjne)
In my opinion, not because it is a tradition and for years it looks the same
24. Nowaday pe ople are In touch Wit more pe ople but have fewer close friends (Nowocześni ludzie mają większy kontakt ze sporą liczbą osób ale mają mało bliskich znajomych)
This is true because they have little time for those close friends
25. People who drink and drive should Lose their driving licence for live (Ludzie, którzy piją a potem jadą samochodem powinni stracić prawo jazdy na całe życie)
Yes, because it is very irresponsible and threatens the lives of others
26.The government should do more for Young pe ople (Rząd powinien więcej robić dla młodych ludzi)
Yes, because young people are the future of our country
27.There is some truth In national stereotypes (Jest trochę prawdy w stereotypach narodowych)
not because everything depends on the character and not the place of birth.
28. Sport and its effect on health ( sport i jego wpływ na zdrowie)
sport has a huge impact on health because it helps us to relax and forget about problems
29. How to help the environment (recycling, saling energy, planting trees)? Jak pomagać środowisku?
If we want to help the environment, we should: segregate rubbish, use energy-saving light bulbs, save water
30. If you could visit Any country, chich would you choose and why?Jeśli mógłbyś odwiedzić jakiś kraj jaki byś wybrał?
If I could visit any country that I would like it would be Africa because I'm curious how old people live, what are their customs, how their lives look like every day, how they approach strangers and what culture they have

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