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Angielski I notatki

Angielski słówka i zastosowanie ich w zdaniu. Znaczenie słówek podkreślonych pochyloną czcionką w Angielski II

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A: I`ve been lucky enough to play in a band.
B: Really? When did you do that?
A: When I was studing in the USE.
A: Life is so stressful nowadays.
B: I know, it`s exhausting. Perhaps we should cut down on our keep - fit programme.
A: What were you doing at ten o`clock last night, Mr Smith?
B: I was watching TV. I`d been out with my friends.
A:  It`s good to have pen - friends and to make friends on the Internet too.
B: Yes, but on the other hand, it`s not the same as having friends in the flesh.
A:  This is a great party, isn`t it?
B: Yes! You didn`t come to the last one, did you?
A:  Why did you and your girlfriend split up?
B: We kept falling out.
A:  Children ought to watch less TV.
B: And they shouldn`t get into trouble so often.
A: In my view, clowns are funny.
B: I`d go along with that.
A:  Do you fancy doing something exciting at the weekend?
B: I can`t. I`m visiting my grandmother.
A:  Your profile says you are unable to work as part of a team, and lack good communication and organisational skills.
B: Yes. I`m looking for job in management.
A:  Have you had yuor interview yet?
B: No, I`ve been waiting for them to call.
A:  What will I need to make this dish?
B: Several large eggs, some butter, a bit of garlic and a little salt.
A:  What a surprise! I wasn`t expecting to see you.
B: But you knew I was comming to stay! I remember telling you last week.
A:  It`s a thriving, bustling environment in the heart of the city.
B: Mmm... within easy reach of the motorway, too...
A:  If there`s work to be done, he works round the clock.
B: If I had to do that, I`d be exhausted.
A:  What`s your new flatmate like?
B: Once yuo get to know him, he`s very sensitive.
A:  There`s a fair chance it will ne sunnyn later.
B: Yes, but if I don`t take my umbrella with me, it`s bound to rain.
A:  Would you lend me five pounds, Jim? I`m really hard up.
B: You mean you can`t afford another beer. Here you are.
A:  I
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